The first blog!  Woohoo.

I’m starting with our big premise, our goal at Fauntleroy Chiropractic… to be a HEALTH care provider.  In my opinion, there are tenets/foundations that are essential for health, and they are nicely outlined with the acronym D.R.E.A.M.

Diet/Nutrition – Our bodies are constantly rebuilding themselves as cells normally die and are replaced.  The building blocks of new cells comes from what we put in our face.

Rest – We need time to revive, regenerate, restore.  And not on a saggy mattress.

Exercise – Motion.  Our bodies need motion. So many people are ‘professional sitters’ and yet we are genetically engineered to run through forests with deer on our shoulders!

Adjustments/Alignment – The chiropractic component: making sure your structure is aligned so your exercise isn’t ‘pounding on a bent nail’, your joints aren’t wearing and tearing, and your nerves can get from point A to B without interference.

Mental Attitude – Positivity.  Spell check doesn’t like that word, but Webster does.  Either way, the opposite of Negativity.  We all know that word.  The physical effects of our mindset is Huge.

These components are like spokes in a wheel, needing individual strength AND balance between All to work optimally.

Which spoke needs attention and action from YOU?!

– Dr. Wiebe

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Diet/Nutrition – Rest – Exercise – Alignment/Adjustments – Mental Attitude.