So how does a 72 year old man move like a 12 year old boy?!

Balance.  Stability.  Coordination.  As we age, these can be compromised or lost.  BUT THEY DON’T HAVE TO BE.  Stephen Jepson is a great example of keeping movement at the forefront of our lives to keep the body AND BRAIN working optimally.

So how?  Gold’s Gym in your spandex unitard?  Hours of burpees?  No, PLAY!  Movements that we did as kids (or our ancestors probably had to do in their daily lives) keep us mobile, and using our prioprioception, which stimulates the brain.  In neurology studies, I learned that prioprioceptive input to the brain kept the cerebellum (balance center) from being “squashed”.  Your desk chair, your car, your couch are cerebellum squashers.  Don’t squash your cerebellum!

Chiropractic adjustments also deliver a huge input to the proprioceptive centers of the brain – a huge ‘vitamin pack’ of movement to get your stuck spots moving.  Then support it with getting off your seat, and keep moving!

Check out his videos and information on keeping healthy with playful motion.  Inspirational.


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